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  • All-Day Breakfast

    English Breakfast $3.50

    Fried eggs, bacon, and fried tomato served with toast

    French Toast Bacon & Eggs $3.00

    French toast with choice of fried/scrambled eggs

    Fruit Muesli & Yoghurt $3.00

    Mixed fresh fruits served with muesli and yoghurt

    Waffle Bacon & Eggs $3.50

    Crispy waffle served with bacon and fried eggs

    Khmer Vegetable Rice Stew $2.50

    Green vegetable stew mix with rice porridge and fish

    Rice Porridge $2.50

    With a choice of fried fish/pork/beef

    Fresh Fruits Waffle $3.00

    Crispy waffle served with mixed fresh fruits and maple syrup

    Breakfast Shake $3.00

    Fresh fruits shake mixed with yogurt and oats

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